It is a backrest specially designed for the relief of stress of car drivers, office workers or students who suffer from longtime work or study.
Ergonomically designed to practice finger-pressure treatment around acupunctural spots, it give massage and finger-pressure treatment to the acupunctural spots and blood vessels to help blood circulation and relaxation of stiffened muscles muscles through the effect of warm temperature vibration.

- The back of Automobile Seats
- The back of c Office Chairs
- The back of Student Chairs

Warm Temperature (60 C)
Waist Rest (Vibratil Massage Temperature)
Attached with function controller (One touch 5 setting through microcomputer)
Massagist function : Good to lumbago and shoulder stitch owing to the multi functional massagist functions .
Refined design
Easy to install
Effects of Finger-Pressure
Massage effect composed of five motions including vibration and tapping
Massage to the back by warm temperature
Massage by warm temperature and vibration at a time
12V Cigarette Lighter Jack & 12V/2A Adapter : Optional)
High quality leather and molded sponge

For safe driving, please don't operate the vibration function during high speed driving To revive the vibration function during standby of slow driving, please press the vibration function button.
Continuous operation of vibration function for a long time may cause damage to the vibrator motor due to overheat. For good massage effect, operate the vibrator in the repeated pattern of 20~30 minutes operation/5 minutes pause
For cleaning, just wipe off with wet cloth. Do not laundry or use solvents or benzene.
Keep and use at dry place.
When the deodorizing or disinfecting capability has been deteriorated due to long time use, please dry the device under direct sunlight for more than two hours.
When the power is not supplied to the warm vibrator controller, check the fuse for the lighter jack and replace the fuse (5A) with new one, if it is broken.
Connect the remote controller to the lighter jack to use in the car. Use the 12V/2A adapter to use at home or office.

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