This item, Auto CD-RACK (CDA-1000)is a device to be set in PC and keep maximum 10 pieces of CD safely.
CDA-1000s size is the same as CD-ROM drive, so we can set it in computer like CD-ROM and can safely keep CDs we often use or important CDs such as OS, restoration software CD.
And it was made as electric structure for convenience and it can be in/out by one touch.

Set-up process is as follows;
It can be set in the empty bay of PC and work on the power DC12V jack of the inside of computer. It is the same size as CD-ROM and its setting process is also the same as CD-ROM and CD-RW.
Storage is smart in PC installation type
Simple setup
Size (5.15 ") such as general CD-ROM
Input/output do convenient by one touch
Important CD conveniently and safety storage
Storage possibility to maximum 10 pieces CD
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