Mu-car is safety driving system using high-technology satellite navigation device(GPS). This system previously grasp the accident-dangerous area and overspeed-dangerous area which drivers should know, using GPS technology (Global Positioning System) inform drivers about the present position and speed through voice and lamp-light so that drivers can prevent the big traffic accident by overspeed in advance.
Mood lamp function
-Polished lighting effet proved its worth during night driving.
Danger warning function
- When find danger area, warning lighting of visual element as well as voice guidance
Distance indication function
-Indicate distance from present position to the dangerous area in guidance window when find danger area. .
Indication function for speed and standard time
- Indicate the speed and standard time of the vehicles driving presently in the guidance window being received from satellite.
Setting menu function for high user
-You can change and set(as you want) distance control of indicating position, Sound select/All speed control function
Battery voltage indication function
- Indicate battery voltage of the vehicles driving presently and warn that is low tension through guidance widow when the battery voltage has been falling under the normal voltage .
Polished design
- Pyramid geometric design which is refined and elegant.
Simple attach/remove
-Everybody can do attach and remove easily.
Continuous post service system
- Danger area or overspeed danger area coordinate is available periodic update through internet, and Program's Up-date consists at the same time at DB's update.. (Product Update)
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