Super powerful Hammer Light which can break fore window out of your car in emergency and also cut seatbelts with sharp knife.
This new life insurance, Hammer Light has 4 steps light system to show your urgent situation.
This buddy also got a whistle to let people save life.
This could be great honor to carry when you climb the mountain or camp in anywhere!
Absolutely needed, including your life insurance.
Don't just let your life go through without Hammer Light!

One-Touch Emergency Light & Flashlight Function
Used for traffic control or traffic signal indication in case of a night traffic accident
LED lamp flashing function for vehicle existence warning
For night security patrol
Various accidents & rescue call function
Security & warning signal for road construction for gas, electricity, etc.
Used as flashlight at night for mountain-climbing, flashing and other leisure activities
Hammer Function
Hammering function for traffic accident or underwater emergency escape or glass door destruction
Whistle Function
Rescue call for help during mountain-climbing or accident
Whistling function for traffic jam or sports use
Knife Function
Used as knife to cut off safety belt for emergency escape in case of vechcle accidents or falling into the water
Cutter function useful in daily life
Built-in Magnet for Fixing
The built-in magnet on the bottom is useful for attaching it to a vehicle body in case of accidents of Parking at night for warning by flashlight & LED
Themometer Function
Measure of the temperature for drive or mountain-climbing
Emergency Use
Used as auto emergency light if attached to a vehicle after detached the main unit
One-Touch Auto Control
Built-in micro computer chip
8 kinds of one-touch emergency light & flashlight change function
Used 12 LED of high brightness - viewable from a long distance
Used flash lamp of high brightness and low amperage
Clip type for easy lamp change
Waterproof Function
Water and splash resistant
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